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Leicester Community Academy operates on a fee paying basis. The rules for Fees are as follows:

It is strongly recommended that for administration purposes and smooth running of the school, fees are paid on time.

Initially the registration and stationery fees must be paid before your child can be admitted to the school.

To ease administration, we would prefer you to pay by Standing Order (paid quarterly). A standing order form needs to be filled in and commence immediately when your child starts school.

Unfortunately the school is not in a position to accept any other method of payment or subsidise the fees. Persistent non-payments will not be tolerated.

The annual total of fees is 1800, which can be paid in the following ways:

A lump sum of £1800.00 as soon as the school starts in August.

If this is not possible then the school fees can be paid in the following instalments (please not that the preferred method of collecting school fees is by standing order):

(1) Quarterly Standing Order on the following dates (this is the most preferred method):
1st August (1st Quarter), 1st November (2nd Quarter), 1st February (3rd Quarter) & 1st May (last Quarter). £450.00 x 4


(2) Monthly Standing Order on the 1st of each month (2nd preferred method). The first payment goes out on 1st August & the last payment goes out on 1st July. £150.00 x 12


Please Note: Standing Orders must not be cancelled without contacting the school first. The way standing order have been setup is that they don't need to be cancelled & then setup again for each academic year (as this method is usually error free). It's a continuous payment plan.


3) Monthly cash payments to be paid within the 1st week of each month. The first payment to be made within the 1st week of September & the last payment within the first week of June. £180.00 x 10. Financial difficulties are being faced with fees not being paid on time.



Registration Fees*



Books Fees**



Annual Fees per pupil









* This is a one off payment which only needs to be paid once when your child enrols at the school.


* * This needs to be paid as follows (it does not need to be paid every year):

  • Once in Primary.
  • Once at the beginning of KS3 for Years 7-9 resource text books.
  • Once at the beginning of KS4 for all GCSE based resource text books.

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Admissions & Assessments

Parents are advised to submit their child’s last school report & any other documents which may support an understanding of a child’s progress and achievement; when they submit an application form to the school. Failure to do so, may delay the admission process.

Once a child has been offered a place, parents will be advised to bring the child to the school for assessments on the open day for new pupils. These assessments are not for selection purposes, they will inform the teachers of a pupil’s strength and weakness in the core subjects and will determine their levels to help plan teaching accordingly.

Non-refundable assessment fees are applicable £100.00 for secondary students and £50.00 for primary students when the application has been accepted. The assessment fee must be paid before your child can be accepted for assessments.

Failure on the part of parents to conceal relevant information from the school, will have consequences on the learning of the child, as the school may not be in a position for making provisions for certain learning difficulties.

As part of on-going assessments, where teachers feel the need to inform and discuss with parents their child’s progress, parents will be invited to attend such meetings.

Currently we are not in a position to take on pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and English as an Additional Language (EAL) as we do not have provisions for this at present.

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Children are expected to dress in the correct uniform. To retain the identification of our pupils, the school uniform is as follows:

Boys Uniform

  • Plain black Jubbah.
  • Plain black trousers - not jeans.
  • Plain black cardigan or top.
  • Black topi (cap).
  • Black shoes or trainers.


P.E. Kit

  • Plain white T-shirt
  • Plain black jogging bottoms
  • Trainers

Boys jubbas & trousers must be above the ankles.


Girls Uniform

  • Plain black Jubbah (closed & loose fitting).
  • Plain black Hijaab.
  • Black cardigan.
  • Black trousers - not jeans.
  • Flat black shoes (no high heels) or trainers.


P.E. Kit

  • Plain white T-shirt or P.E. dress (it must be loose fitting).
  • Plain black jogging bottoms
  • Trainers
  • Plain black scarf


Would parents please ensure that the uniform is clearly labelled. Pupils should not wear uniform with stripes or visible designer names or name tags.

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Pupils are required to have all stationery at all times. Following is a list of stationery which pupils must have:

  • Black, blue and red pens
  • HB pencil
  • Coloured pencils
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Glue stick
  • Pocket sized dictionary
  • Thesaurus (secondary pupils)
  • Calculator
  • Scientific calculator (Secondary pupils)
  • Mathematical set
  • 30cm ruler
  • Plastic pockets
  • USB flash drive (to save work on)

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